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Lamar Packaging Systems have strategic relationships with the industry's leading injection molded tote and bulk container manufacturers. Lamar also has the capabilities to design and produce the dunnage (or holding materials) that are installed in the tote including plastic corrugated packaging and foam packaging. Returnable dunnage keeps your green efforts in motion when it comes to packaging.  Additionally, Lamar Packaging Systems specializes in Expanded Poly Propylene, a.k.a. EPP Packaging.  Injection Molded Totes and Bulk Bins are available in standard sizes. Should these containers be too large or too small, Plastic Corrugated Packaging totes can be built to your custom size.

As mentioned, totes may also be built out of EPP Molded Foam Packaging material or corrugated.

Lamar can also provide the Thermoformed Pallets that the totes are shipped on.

Bulk Containers: Assembled and Collapsed

EPS Molded Foam Spark Plug Case: Molded UHMW Gray Injection Molded Tote
Collapsable Bulk Container Injection Molded HDPE with PCorr Cells Tote with HDPE Cells
Totes Tote with Fabric Cells Plastic Corrigated Tote with PCorr Cells
EPP tote with PCorr Lid    

Bulk Containers

Plastic Corrigated Tote with Dunnage

Cross Link Foam Dunnage


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